Are Towels available at the gym?

For 50k deposit you can get a fresh towel at our reception. After returning the towel you get your 50k back

Do you ship the Wanderlust Athletics Gym Gear and which sizes do you have?

Depending on the stock we have sizes from XS to XL available on store. We are re-launching the online store soon for you to order your favourite wanderlust gym gear worldwide! If you are in Indonesia, DM us for delivery details!

When are the next retreat dates and how much are they?

With regards to our retreats please check out our page here  @wanderlustfitnessretreats for any upcoming packages and information.

For any further information please email the retreat business directly at Wanderlustfitnessretreats@gmail.com

When is the Hotel launching?

With regards to our hotel please check out our booking page here  hotels.cloudbeds.com

For any further information please email us directly at info@wanderlustfitnessvillage.com

What are the Membership Rates and do you offer Drop-Ins?

For all timetables (schedules) and membership fees, please see our highlights for details.

If you want to train at the gym for a day or several days we have some day pass options for you! Day passes are a great opportunity to try different classes on the same day! 1-day-passes are valid on the calendar date of purchase.

What is the Class Schedule?

For all timetables please see our Highlight „SCHEDULE“ for details.

Where do I find the Class Pictures?

To see all the great pictures our photographer takes during the classes, please check out the photo folders of the CROSSFIT WANDERLUST facebook page

Can I join CrossFit as a complete Beginner?

Please do not worry, we have many beginners and new attendees who have never done CrossFit or have just started.

Our coaches are very experienced and can modify, scale or even change exercises to suit your level and skill set.

What classes do I need to do to loose weight (loose fat and build muscles)?

Every body is different and therefore a training plan for one person might not fit for another one. To burn more calories, our Calorie Burn and Metcon classes are a good choice! To build muscles Booty Builder, Total Body Toner and the Weightlifting classes are a good fit! For an overall training you can join our CrossFit classes! In the end it comes down to a well balanced nutrition and consistent training can help you to get a better lifestyle.

For a workout programm that is perfectly designed for you, contact us for private sessions with our experienced coaches!

Do you offer Meal plans?

We are currently finalizing and testing the Meal Plans to provide the best possible quality and can’t wait to launch them soon!

Do you have the Menu with all the Macros?

At our gym cafe we added the macro details of every dish to the menu – just check the menu on-site and choose the meal that fits in your nutrition plan!

I lost/forgot something at the Gym, do you have a LOST AND FOUND?

For lost and found items please contact the front desk at this WhatsApp number:

+62 878-6156-8934

I have a question to my order at the Wanderlust Gym Cafe!

For immediate response please contact the front desk at this WhatsApp number:

+62 878-6156-8934